About Boutures

Plastique recyclé terrazzo lampe volubilis

A manifesto, slow and circular collection

The circular economy is inspired by nature, where waste doesn’t exist. A plant fragment can give birth to a new plant, a cutting.

Boutures d’Objets is a collection thought as a nursery of creations, experimenting new processes. Weaving bottles, molding shells or pieces of old buildings, … many materials emerge. Materials with new aesthetics created from an abundant resource, …our waste.

The materials take shape thanks to the sensitivity and talent of the designers, and little by little a collection of eco-designed, elegant and timeless objects takes shape.

Each object invites you to imagine a new approach to luxury and the circular economy by making you discover materials and know-how that are still rare. Our products are made in small series, between craftsmanship and digital creation. The use of recycled materials makes each piece unique.

Boutures d’objets is part of the slow design movement, for responsible and measured consumption, and to share cuttings of optimism and enthusiasm!

Forme et matière VASÉAS

Our ecodesign approach

We integrate an eco-design approach to limit the environmental impact of our products, from their creation to their end of life. We have therefore adopted the following principles:

The use of recycled materials 

Preserving natural resources while recovering waste is our main motivation. The materials we select are eco-responsible, but also new and surprising.

Local manufacturing

The materials proposed come mainly from France, sometimes from Europe. The objects are made in France, the choice being guided by the know-how of the manufacturers, their geographical proximity, their environmental and social commitment.

Sustainable creations

The aim is to design products that are resistant, repairable and energy efficient. It also involves sustainable aesthetics by offering timeless creations.

Recyclable objects

Finally, in order for our objects to be recycled again, we design them in such a way that we can easily separate the different materials of which they are made.

Qui, Quand, Quoi …

Echantillons matériaux recyclés
Laurence Saugé Boutures

Who ?

Laurence Saugé imagined Boutures in her own image: concerned about the waste of resources and the impact of man on biodiversity, driven by the beauty of nature and artistic creation, passionate about the manufacturing processes of materials, objects or circular and low-tech decorations, she designed a project mixing design, environment and innovation.

When ?

After 12 years spent developing packaging, from perfume bottles to cream tubes and seawater “pshitt”, the Boutures project germinated in Laurence’s mind at the end of 2017 and came to fruition in 2019.

Where ?

In Orléans, on the banks of the Loire : Boutures is domiciled at LAB’O, an innovative business incubator.

What ?

The “Boutures d’objets” collection: lights, decorative objects, eco-designed textiles to experiment with innovative (and surprising!) recycled materials. Objects made in France that reflect the sensitivity and singularity of the designers who created them.

But also tailor-made products and support to develop objects, packaging and materials in an eco-responsible and creative approach for brands and companies committed to reducing their ecological footprint.

How ?

By being attentive to innovations in materials, technology and trends. By cultivating a network of optimistic and innovative personalities, by creating meetings – designers, creators, entrepreneurs – and projects.

Why ? 

To change the way we look at recycling and to spread enthusiasm cuttings!