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Boutures d'objets is a design studio specializing in the design, eco-design and development of products made from recycled or bio-sourced materials.

We design and develop decorative objects, lighting, decor, merchandising, packaging, furniture... that are desirable, unique and virtuous. Our partner workshops create the materials of tomorrow from shells, coffee, used objects, plastic...

In our studio, we are particularly interested in making objects from mycelium, a natural, living material created from mushrooms.

By exploring the shaping of circular and bio-inspired materials, and questioning the uses of objects, we participate in the creation of new imaginaries, new aesthetics, towards conscious and reasoned consumption.

We edit a collection of lighting fixtures and objects, imagined with sensitive and committed designers, and create made-to-measure projects: our customers are interior designers, retailers, florists, luxury homes, young brands and companies...

By working with us, you make a concrete contribution to the development of materials and know-how, and support the emergence of a circular and committed design.

MANIFESTE COLLECTION, foreco-conscious and curious aesthetes


We are increasingly aware of the depletion of resources and the growing accumulation of waste.

Producing materials from these unused resources seems to be an obvious choice: many designers, engineers and entrepreneurs are innovating today by creating these new materials, often in a low-tech and local approach to facilitate their distribution.

Our collection, co-created with designers, is conceived as a nursery of creations, to experiment and highlight these emerging materials in singular, timeless forms.

Rethinking high-end aesthetics, doing less but better, designing the future of craftsmanship and industry... Boutures d'objets is part of the slow design movement and invites us to imagine a new approach to luxury and the circular economy: rublished in small series, using skills that are still emerging, our objects pave the way for more conscious production that respects the planet.

The founder

Laurence Saugé has imagined a company in her image, a project where art, design, sustainability, technique and innovation meet.

After 12 years in packaging development, mainly in the perfume sector, this idea germinated at the end of 2017 and came to fruition in 2019 with the creation of Boutures. A name that pays tribute to the magic of nature, but also evokes sharing and the vision of a garden to be created. 

Constantly on the lookout for material and technological innovations and trends, Laurence is building a network of optimistic and committed personalities for the realization of daring projects and the manufacture of original objects.


photo @François Christophe 2022

Our sustainable design approach

We integrate sustainable design, to limit the environmental impact of our products, from their creation to their end of life. We have thus retained the following principles:

The use of recycled materials: Preserving natural resources while valorizing waste is our main motivation. The materials we select valorize industrial waste, agricultural by-products, used packaging..., new and surprising materials.

Local manufacturing: The selected materials come from France, mainly, and Europe. The objects are made in France, the choice being guided by the know-how of the manufacturers, their geographical proximity, their environmental and social commitment.

Durable creations: This means designing products that are resistant, repairable and energy efficient. It also involves sustainable aesthetics, by offering timeless creations.

Recyclable objects: Finally, so that our objects can be recycled again, we design them in such a way that we can easily separate the different materials that compose them - by prohibiting, for example, the assembly by gluing different materials.

Social commitment

The circular economy is very often carried by structures of the social and solidarity economy.

Boutures is part of this approach: for packaging, electrical wiring, storage, preparation and shipping of orders, Boutures works with an ESAT - La Couronnerie in Orléans - which employs disabled people.

A small team is gradually being built around our activity, and it is a great pride for them as well as for us!

Our partners