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Mycelium is the filamentous vegetative apparatus produced by many fungi. Combined with a woody substrate (straw, sawdust, etc.), it forms a material with multiple properties: naturally soft, light, waterproof and biodegradable.

The process of growing the material is completely natural, and we intervene to stabilize it before fruiting by drying it at 80°C.

Our expertise lies in creating materials and objects using mycelium: shapes, colors, textures, finishes...and above all, uses are at the heart of our eco-design approach.

Our research also focuses on production methods for these objects, from single pieces to series of several thousand.

Flowers & mushrooms

with Louise Rué.

The idea is to provide an ecological alternative to foam (which generates micro-plastics and cannot be recycled), polystyrene supports and other plastic pipettes, by offering new aesthetic and naturally compostable solutions for creating floral arrangements.

Our 1st model is a spherical vase, for hanging or standing, which can hold water and fresh flowers for occasional use (*), or dried flowers for long-lasting decoration.

The lightness of the material makes it possible to imagine the composition of voluminous or suspended structures. Numerous other shapes are possible to create unique, eco-designed decors.

Public price: from 20€ttc for a 12cm vase 

Contact us to receive our professional catalog or to discuss your custom projects!

Creation Louise Rué x Boutures - JEMA 2023 - Villette Makerz

(*) the mycelium is watertight and can hold water for several weeks; however, the water will gradually seep through, and to avoid the appearance of mold, we recommend hanging the vase or placing it on a dish. Empty and air-dry between uses.