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Boutures d'objets is a design studio specializing in the design, eco-design and development of products made from recycled or bio-sourced materials.

We imagine and/or develop desirable, unique and virtuous decorative objects, lighting, decorations, merchandising, packaging, furniture... by questioning their uses and impacts over their entire life cycle. Our partner workshops create the materials of tomorrow from shells, coffee, used objects, plastic...

In our studio, we are particularly interested in making objects from mycelium, a natural, living material created from mushrooms.

By exploring the shaping of circular and bio-inspired materials, and questioning the uses of objects, we participate in the creation of new imaginaries, new aesthetics, towards conscious and reasoned consumption.

Our customers include interior designers, retailers, florists, luxury homes, young brands and companies...By working with us, you are making a concrete contribution to the development of materials and know-how, and support the emergence of a circular and committed design.


To advise and inspire you

Actively monitoring the development of and innovative recycled or bio-sourced materials we are developing our alternative materials library and ecodesign expertise.

Save time and innovate! Based on your brief, we select and recommend the materials and processes best suited to your brand universe, technical specifications, quantity, quality...


Draw and eco-design your ideas

Based on your brief, we develop creative concepts for you: sketches, 3d research, colors and materials...

We analyze the feasibility of proposals, drawing on our expertise in materials and processes.

Last but not least, we focus on usage and the life cycle as part of our eco-designecodesign


Imagining a new life for your materials

Add value to your old decorations, stock items or unsold items...

We are looking for solutions to transform these materials into new objects or furniture for your premises, gifts, events...


Make your plans a reality

We can help you create your products, from one-off pieces to medium-sized series:

- Costing, retroplanning and development follow-up

- Manufacture and packaging in our workshop (mycelium projects) or by our our manufacturing partners (France - Europe)

- Quality control


Overview of some recycled, sustainable or biodegradable materials: plastic, coffee, avocado, badminton shuttlecock, leather, shells... abundant resources source of creativity.