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Drawings Louise Rué
Circular cosmetic packaging design

Three words to define your creations?

Multi-purpose, intimate, functional.

What are your sources of inspiration?

The nature, the plant which is very often present in my creations.

A place that you still remember you or a place you dream to go?

To the other side of the world by bike!

If you were a plant?  

I would like to be a white asphodel. I would feed the wild boars and bees with my large flowers. I would cover the damaged soil at the edge of the forest and brave the fires while basking in the sun.

Your "small" actions to protect the planet?

At the beginning, I was collecting water to water the plants and from a game, it became a lifestyle, reducing my waste and my meat consumption, making my vegetable garden, not taking the plane anymore etc.

What does Boutures d'objets mean to you?

A great opportunity to think about projects that share my values with a great research and innovation phase.