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Marin Thuery eco design
deco inspiration
eco design lamp model

What are your sources of inspiration? 

They come from my local cultural heritage. I am interested in the habitat of the past, as well as the objects of daily life through the ages.

A place that you still remember ? 

The Aveyron of course, on the nature side, otherwise Barcelona for the city and its particular atmosphere.

If you were a plant? 

Surely a fern for the beauty of its structure and its growth in fractal so particular.

What are your "small" actions to protect the planet? 

Design as a discipline, contributes largely to the problems of overconsumption. That's why, at my level, I try to focus my thinking on the design of sustainable and durable products.

What does Boutures d'objets mean to you? 

A publishing house that goes off the beaten track to propose concrete applications for the materials of tomorrow.

The creations of Marin for Boutures d'objets:

Valérie's creations for Boutures d'objets: