Cork & feather composites:

Recycled badminton shuttlecocks

Recycling badminton shuttlecocks may seem anecdotal, but it is nevertheless a very relevant initiative:

The practice of badminton generates a lot of waste: a shuttlecock can be out of order after a few sports exchanges!  And since the steering wheel is a composite of feathers, cork and glue, it is not recyclable at all and adds to the mountain of waste buried or incinerated. The deposit in France alone is estimated at 40 tons of feather and cork ruffles per year!

The history of materials therefore begins with the creation of a collection system, with boxes made available to clubs and major sports brands to collect these used steering wheels.

Once recovered, the handwheels are crushed and added to an acrylic mineral resin, and shaped in moulds, under press.


Depending on the size of the grind and the percentage of resin, different variations of the material exist to meet different uses, from acoustic wall cladding to the creation of furniture, fittings and lighting for Cuttings.

A use designed to last and extend the use of the steering wheels for many years!

The resin is solvent-free, and is cold transformed, so the process is not very energy-intensive to create these materials.

A beautiful example of circular design, a sustainable material made in France that tells a story, and that offers us an original aesthetic!