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Product design and art direction

Valerie Windeck Polaroid
nature inspiration boutures d'objets

Let's meet Valerie, who played a key role in the creation of the Boutures collection and in the construction of the brand's identity

Three words to define your creations?

Simple, functional and timeless.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Contemporary art, nature and travel.

A place that you still remember you or a place you dream to go?

My first trip to Japan for a designer block exhibition at Agnès b was quick but I immediately wanted to go back. Since then I have been back twice for pleasure and I have discovered this fascinating culture. This mix of contemporary with the culture of wabi sabi crafts. The food is incredible. I love it! I dream again and again to go back there!

If you were a plant?  

A peony. I love this garden flower, it's wild, delicate, with beautiful hues.

What are your small actions to protect the environment?

Deleting as many e-mails as possible is an ecological action that is still little known and yet it is very important! It's easy, simple, you just have to be rigorous ... so let's delete our e-mails!

Boutures d'objets, what does that mean to you?

To create "eco-responsible" objects that are directly thought with noble and fair values.

Valérie's creations for Boutures d'objets: